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                                    About Golden Throat Holdings Group Company Limited


    Golden Throat Holdings Group Company Limited is a leading manufacturer of lozenges in China. The Company’s flagship product is Golden Throat Lozenges (OTC), which was launched in 1994. It is a type of lozenge mainly designed to relieve symptoms of sore and dry throat and hoarse voice caused by acute pharyngitis. Over the past two decades, with its well-recognised household name and our existing portfolio of products, as well as our strong marketing capabilities and distribution network, Golden Throat Lozenges (OTC) has become a widely recognised brand and the leader in lozenge products in China. According to the Euromonitor Report, its patent-protected lozenges, including both Golden Throat Lozenges (OTC) and Golden Throat Lozenges Series Products, have the largest market share of approximately 25.8% for lozenge market in China in terms of retail sales value in 2014.