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Jin Sangzi's enterprise culture

1." Liability + hard" action creed;

2." Air, courage, pride, loyalty, and, to live up to" six gas spirit;

3." High and new, refined " product concept;

4." Unity, innovation, integrity, harmony, " the spirit of enterprise;

5." Golden voice larynx piece for the benefit of mankind" of the enterprise mission;

6." A hundred years to do business, tree centuries brand" enterprise objectives;

7." Be of one heart and one mind, work hard and perseveringly, do poineering work the two times, again casting is brilliant" sixteen character strategy;

8." Cohesion strength, innovation casting brilliant" business and faith;

9." Work hard, serious work, enjoy life, happy every day. " the life of Bao Dan;

10."Thank you, understanding, communication, " the art of management;