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Dear friends, hello! Welcome to Guangxi gold group website. On behalf of the company all the staff thank you for your concern and support.Guangxi golden voice group was founded in 1956, from the time of the small mill, now developed into the Chinese top 50 enterprises. For half a century, so people in business and entrepreneurship, Ya Shi innovation, constructing the core competitiveness, the pursuit of sustainable development, to promote enterprise development.Over the years, Kim Ko from Guangxi to the country, from domestic to international, step on it is sonorous, integrity and sustainable innovation. At present, golden voice larynx piece of the domestic market share is the 1\/3, the international market, has formed a direct the United States, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Russia, Japan, South Africa, Slovakia, Romania and our country Hongkong, Taiwan distribution network.Now, the voice group has developed into a feature of proprietary Chinese medicines, health food, health wine by group company, has been rated as excellent Chinese enterprises integrity, state-level high-tech enterprises, the Chinese enterprise 50 strong, Guangxi large taxpayer.From 1956 up to now, our company has passed more than half a century. In the face of whole world financial storm, we put forward " be of one heart and one mind, work hard and perseveringly, do poineering work the two times, again casting is brilliant " sixteen words to entrepreneurial approach. The voice of people will continue to uphold the human benefit of the enterprise purpose, adhere to scientific and technological innovation, integrity, for a hundred years to do business, brand tree a hundred years, renewable new chapter.


                                                                                                                                                                                            Guangxi golden voice group chairman