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Golden voice larynx piece for the benefit of mankind-- Guangxi gold limited liability company to repay the society to report material

The benefit of mankind is the voice of mission. More than 10 years enterprises in economic development and at the same time, attaches great importance to social returns.

Five one roads of Liuzhou city is located in the downtown area, periphery has hospital, square, school, trade fairs, heavy traffic, vehicle traffic, crowded. Before 1996, because there is no overpasses and underpasses, often cause traffic congestion, traffic accidents have occurred, for citizens to travel has caused great inconvenience. City People's Congress has repeatedly proposed, in the five one road bridge built. Due to financial reasons, in recent years has failed. This also became the municipal construction heart ache. In 1996, Liuzhou encountered hundred year flood disaster, the city's water area of more than 90%. Businesses have also failed, the plant water depth of 3 meters, economic losses. It is after the flood, the enterprise opens up endowment 1000000 yuan, in December of that year to build " gold " Five One Road East, west two pedestrian bridge, completely solve the five one road traffic congestion situation, to facilitate people safe travel, move by the public praise.

Area of national level poverty in Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County of Pingxiang Pingxiang oil support to and construction, Liuzhou city is one of the key projects that help deficient up. On 2003, in support of the Sanjiang County village village connects highway construction enterprise, donated 1000000 yuan, three hundred and forty thousand Sanjiang Dong people built a road that take off deficient, become rich road and the road of happiness, to win the government and local people praised. In 2007, the enterprise also donated 360000 yuan, support Sanjiang County fun country village project, then the continuation of bridges and pave the way for a new chapter.

Teachers are the inheritors of human civilization. Attaching importance to enterprise, since 1994 more than 10 years continuously in the teachers' Day period condolences, " gardener ", Liuzhou city was rated as advanced units of respecting teachers. In 2001, the company is dedicated to Liuzhou city and 16000 teachers give the value of 80000000 yuan Ping An insurance, which is in Liuzhou city and even the whole country is the first.

The company more than 10 years as 1, long-term support to impoverished and a mountainous area school and spring girl. Since 1994, everfount donor-funded old revolutionary base areas in Guangxi region of Hechi County of Guangxi gold pesos primary school, national poverty area Xincheng County Guangxi gold north more middle school, Rongshui Miao Autonomous County powder middle school, Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County primary school, tooth has tea Creek Elementary School, the Liujiang River County high school. These years, the company accumulated construction hope primary school 2, school 2, toilet 6, library 2, funding more than 2000 sets of desks and chairs, warm winter coat 1 thousand, 200 much person-time assistance spring girl. President Jiang Peizhen has also taken the lead donor funded ten Liucheng county ancient walled rural dragon beauty school girls of ethnic minorities receive nine years of compulsory education.

At the same time, the company 's strong support of impoverished and a mountainous area economy construction. On 2005, at the national level poverty areas of Guangxi Xincheng county economy is relatively backward in the ethnic enclaves, honeysuckle, mangosteen, establishing production base for pollution-free agricultural products. Since 2002, accumulative total investment 200000 yuan, in the area of national level poverty in Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County Forest Township by relying on science and technology, guide farmer science to tea. These measures of minority area agriculture industrialization develops, and the farmer takes off deficient to become rich, has played a positive role in promoting. In addition, during the past three years, enterprises resettlement of ethnic groups of migrant workers from the countryside and city off-duty workers more than 1500 people, nearly 110 people obtain employment of persons with disabilities, Fenyou for the government, to promote social harmonious economic development.

For the revitalization of Chinese football culture impact of Asia to the world, Chinese football reserve forces, especially the Guangxi football youth talent, in 1997 the company invested about 8600000 yuan to create the Guangxi golden voice soccer school, there are 2 people selected national youth team, 4 in the first division team, for the revitalization of the Chinese football to make modest force; since 1990, accumulative total contributive about 11000000 yuan, sponsor of the National Football League Guangdong tigers football team, and the Guangzhou Songri team in Liuzhou 's home games, as well as Guangxi veteran football team more than 10 football; in 2000 invested 2000000 yuan to support the Guangxi sports delegation to participate in the Ninth National Games, encourage Guangxi athletes race results, race out of style; loosen one's purse strings generously in 2005 2000000 element support held the Guangxi folk festival, China and ASEAN countries to promote the communication and friendship; in 2002, invested 2000000 yuan to support the second Chinese International Vocal Competition; the previous support held the Liuzhou piano competition and " good daughter-in-law, " golden " better man " activity of appraise through comparison; 2007 donated 200000 yuan to support Liuzhou Olympic family talent show, in 2009, invested 100000 yuan to hold the " gold cup" Liuzhou folk songs, promoted The inheritance and development of folk art. In order to help laid-off women again obtain employment works, gift. The Ministry of the two car to work in the District Women's Federation of laid-off workers training center.

Since 2000, company accumulative total invests about 3600000 yuan, give aid to " Guangxi women ", " women ", and " progress of science and technology and measures ", " Guangxi literature ", " popular science journals such as comic ", advocate science, civilized, healthy, progressive, harmonious spirit, to construct the harmonious spiritual contribution.

Since 1994, in successive floods and the battle against SARS in China, company accumulative total value about 2400000 Yuan donated money and materials.

In 2008, Sichuan earthquake in Wenchuan, the company timely donated money and materials about 1850000 yuan.

On 2010, the Yushu earthquake, the company donated money and materials about 400000 yuan

More than 10 years, company accumulative total invested about 60000000 yuan to support minority area and various social welfare undertakings

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