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Comrade Jiang Peizhen venture fifty-one years, adhere to quality-oriented, scientific and technological innovation, integrity, harmony, a hundred years to do business, brand of tree of hundred years management concept, gained remarkable economic benefits and social benefits, to enable enterprises to achieve a qualitative leap, the company ranked the Chinese enterprise 50 strong, China excellent credit enterprise, the national three hundred and sixty lines before tax of ten, high-tech enterprises, the leading product throat tablets for thirteen consecutive years of similar products in the domestic market share of the first, FDA certification through the United States, the European Union COM certification, the certification of health food products, Malaysia Ministry of health certification, the Indonesian Ministry of health registered certification, and exported to the United States, Canada, the European Union, Russia, Australia and Southeast Asia more than 20 countries and regions. Golden brand was rated as China's pharmaceutical industry leader brand, world brand lab in 2009 " China 500 most valuable brands " ranked 271 ranking, the value of 3000000000 yuan.

She dares to innovation, the introduction of high-tech, new product development. In the enterprises are facing difficulties, she introduced the achievement of science and technology, a form of unique, remarkable curative effect of high-tech products " throat ", created a throat tablets with annual sales of over 500000000 yuan, on tax 100000000 yuan, ranked the forefront of the same industry miracle; Jinsang child throat piece of market share in the similar products year after year ranked first, cholesterol lowering of the national drug " Dole capsule ", the prevention of heart disease " ningxinbao capsule, " detoxification " Momordica grosvenori Polygonatum Granule " in diabetes and other special groups, development and production of sugarless throat tablets and a number of high-tech products, popular at home and abroad have established business contacts; and the United States of America, EU, Australia, South Africa, Southeast Asia and Hong Kong and Macao and so on more than 20 countries and regions, the throat tablets out of the country, to the world.

Persist in reform, to promote enterprise development. She introduced the director responsibility system, implement the appointment system, carrying out target management system, the establishment of a modern enterprise system, to mobilize the enthusiasm of the employees, promote enterprise 's economic development. She had to rely on scientific and technological progress to make innovation and success will be an oil felt built small neighbourhood factory, developed with about 65000000 yuan in fixed assets, staff hundreds of people, the state-owned assets rate of outstanding scientific and technological enterprises reached 162%. Company honor the economic benefits of Guangxi advanced units, Guangxi pharmaceutical industry advanced unit, the ideological and political work of the national pharmaceutical industry outstanding enterprises, China's pharmaceutical industry leader brand enterprises such as the honorary, throat Po also won a well-known trademark in China ".

Adhere to scientific and technological innovation, new product development, product upgrading, industrial expansion. The introduction of technology and equipment with international advanced level, through technical transformation, to upgrade technical level Accuphase series products, and further enhance the voice, especially high-tech sugar-free golden taste and quality. Based on strong existing pharmaceutical, continue to " research" combination of road, school-enterprise cooperation, pioneering medical equipment, cosmetics, health products, health drinks, functional health food industry, develop new products with independent intellectual property rights and core competitiveness. At present, the prostate, old-fashioned division Yuanchun wine, honeysuckle, golden ginseng, cold prevention series of high-tech green health products have been successfully developed, the development of a series of new products, will optimize the product structure of the company, foster new economic point of growth, sustainable development and lay a solid foundation for the enterprise.

She works hard for the worker to do good, do real thing; she put the Autonomous Region Government reward her with more than 44 yuan of new products to promote advanced project bonus, all among the factory workers; make every attempt to solve the housing staff, free installation of liquefied gas, gas cooker, lampblack machine, water heater, breakfast, for the problems of labor, pension and medical insurance and other living arrangements; in order to alleviate the burden on the state, not to laid-off workers into the community, has set up a " Guangxi golden Travel Company Limited ", " employees consumer cooperatives ", the surplus personnel internal digestion of enterprises, and actively cooperate with the government do a good job re-employment work, arrange to absorb laid-off workers and the families of the children for more than 200 people into the factory work, remove any menace from the "rear" workers, also try various devices to set up welfare enterprises, the disabled employment, for the party and the state, pay attention to the difficult group.

She is enthusiastic about public welfare undertakings. In 1996, Liuzhou suffered a hundred-year flood, enterprise losses. After the disaster, the enterprise decided to spend 1000000 yuan, built two footbridge. Since 1994, the enterprise for sixteen consecutive years in the teacher's day period, more than 30 schools " gardener sympathy ". Enterprises have more than ten years like a day, long-term funding impoverished mountainous area school and spring girl. Since 1994, the cumulative building the hope primary school 2, building 2, 6 of toilet, library 2, funded more than 2000 sets of desks and chairs, warm winter clothes to more than 1 pieces, assistance spring girl 1200 people. Donated 3360000 yuan, to support the national minority village highway construction and poverty alleviation. Guangxi Xincheng County in the economy is relatively backward ethnic enclaves, establishment of honeysuckle, mangosteen, pollution-free agricultural production base. To carry out scientific and technological poverty alleviation in Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County Forest Township, guiding farmers to the scientific tea. These initiatives to agricultural industrialization development in ethnic minority areas, and the peasants to shake off poverty, play a positive role in promoting. Invested about 25600000 yuan, to create Guangxi golden football school, support the games, China International Vocal Competition, welcome the Olympic family talent competition, the Guangxi International Folk Song Festival, " Guangxi ", " women's support of science and technology progress and policy ", " Guangxi literature ", " popular science cartoons " and other publications, contribute to building a harmonious spiritual civilization. In the previous natural disasters, enterprise donation of about 3800000 yuan. More than ten years, the company for the public welfare, social returns of up to about 60000000 yuan of funds.

In view of the performance of Jiang Peizhen, she has been named the national " three eight " red-banner pacesetter pacesetter, national " three eight " red-banner pacesetter, national labor model of medical system, the national "five one " labor medal, the National Congress of outstanding women entrepreneurs, outstanding entrepreneurs, national Spark fifth session of the ten Nvjie, approved by the State Council expert enjoying special allowance of the state, the national medicine industry and the National Excellent Enterprise Ideological and political workers, the Chinese outstanding women entrepreneurs ten influential man, China's 30 years of reform and opening up hundreds of women's news, shining star award, ten big innovation ability of the whole country woman private entrepreneurs, the ten most influential Chinese women entrepreneurs, China economic annual influential man, the most concern entrepreneurs, Chinese brand leader, the new China was founded 60 anniversary of most Chinese top ten innovative characters, Chinese ten big brand women and many other honors.

In 2009 she was invited to Beijing to participate in the new China 60 Daqing parade.

In March 7, 2010, she Liuzhou city as the only representative, was invited to participate in " Jin Jing meeting to commemorate the 100 anniversary of the three eight " International Women's day, and by Hu Jintao president of the party and state leaders were cordially received and encouragement.